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Weather-Confused Snowman DIY Costume

Weather-Confused Snowman DIY Costume

Man with short black hair in snowman costume

I must confess that I quite like the “weather-confused” look.

I lived in the sweater-and-shorts combo in middle school. Once I started going to private school, the only time my classmates and I were allowed to wear boots with our polos and kilts was during the winter, between Thanksgiving and spring breaks. During that time, I became a fan of the “Uggs with bare legs and a skirt” outfit. 

To be honest, I still enjoy that kind of look today. I really shouldn’t be a fashion blogger, but here I am anyway.

For the holiday season, I decided to make a snowman costume based off of my favorite weather-confused aesthetics of yesteryear. There’s a very small chance that one will wear a thick knitted scarf, a summer dress, and open-toed shoes together for practical purposes … but who really gives a damn?

Difficulty level



One sheet of black felt

Standard wine glass, or other traceable circular object with ~3” diameter

Pen or chalk


Safety pins

A needle and black thread, OR some hot glue

Clothing items and accessories

Black hat



White dress

Black wedges/heels


1. Lay the black felt on a hard surface and place the wine glass over it. Use the pen or chalk to trace out three circles.

A wine glass sitting on top of a piece of black felt, its base being traced by a red pen

Hand holding a piece of black felt with a red circle drawn on it

2. Cut out each circle. These will be your buttons.

3. Lay the dress out on the hard surface (or hang it up — felt tends to stick to surfaces) and determine where you want the three buttons to be on the dress.

A white dress lying on a table with three black felt circles on it

4. Safety-pin each button in place. Put on the dress to make sure that you’re still happy with the position of each button. Be careful; safety pins tend to pop open if you stretch the fabric too much!

Two black felt circles safety-pinned onto a piece of white fabric

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.

6. Once you’re happy with their respective placements, use a simple stitch to sew each button onto the dress. You can also glue on the buttons, but I recommend sewing so that you’ll be able to remove everything whenever you wish.

A black felt circle safety-pinned to a piece of white fabric

Black circular stitch lines on a piece of white fabric

Putting it all together

1. If needed, wait for the glue to dry. Put on the dress with the hat, sunglasses, scarf, and shoes. 

2. Don’t go play in the snow, because you’ll probably freeze to death.

Man with short black hair in snowman costume

Man with short black hair in snowman costume

Man with short black hair in snowman costume

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