In college, I had two goals: being as productive as possible, and working towards a career that would guarantee material success. Then I graduated and was thrown into an existential crisis that forced me to re-evaluate every single belief I held. Eventually, I learned to stop basing my self-worth on traits as fickle as ambition, trust my instincts, and see my “softer” qualities as strengths.

This series is about learning to adapt and thrive in a world shaped by Trumpian politics and late-stage capitalism. It’s a collection of all the mind-blowing revelations, unsettling conversations, and emotionally hard moments that are part of growing up, for real.

Spilling the Gender Identi-Tea

When I first came out as a transgender man, I was afraid that no one would believe me. After all, I did “present female,” and my interests photoshoots, dress-collecting, sewing were distinctly “girly” ones.

But I’ve never felt like a woman, and I’ve had gender dysphoria for as long as I can remember. I decided to write about some of my experiences to show how nuanced dysphoria can be. This is a collection of gender-identity-related memories from early childhood to the present.

The Best Kind of Escapism

Coastal Florida has a special place in my heart — many of my favorite memories involve warm emerald green water, white sandy beaches, and cotton-candy sunsets. In January 2019, I re-visited all of my favorite Floridian cities and decided to write about what I saw along the way.