A memoir by an American Instagram personality about fame, snark, long-form Instagram captions, broken promises, best-friend tell-alls, missing college plates, and a teapot full of pee.

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Rabbit girl in a polka dot dress poses in front of dead end sign


With Love From the Confession Booth

A rabbit girl in a pink puff-sleeved dress runs away from a mansion on a green hill

Chapter One

A Memoir Named Desire

A rabbit girl in a red one-shoulder dress stands by a red Smart car.

Chapter Two

Scheming Makes You Hotter

A rabbit girl in a blue puff-sleeved dress stands in front of a convex roadside mirror.

Chapter Three

Bait and Set

A rabbit girl in a pink and white floral dress standing in front of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco's Alamo Square

Chapter Four

The Dream Manufacturer

A couple stands in front of palm fronds, a blue verified checkmark between them.

Chapter Five

Tableaux Vivant