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Picture-Perfect Organization: March 2019 One Month Project

Picture-Perfect Organization: March 2019 One Month Project

The sheer number of photos on my phone have gotten out of hand.

It’s no secret that I take a lot of them. 2018 was the year that my approach to taking pictures went from “I want to document my outfits and look nice” to “I want to use locations, lighting, and clothing to tell a story.” I make it a point to capture the best visual stories I can, wherever I go, even — especially even — in unlikely places. I love dirty, run-down warehouses and bright, peppy murals alike. Going on day-long photoshoots with a friend, a fully charged phone, a bag full of dresses, and a sense of adventure is hands-down one of my favorite activities. It’s a fun, inexpensive bonding experience. A perk? The photos you take automatically become souvenirs after.

Time for some spring cleaning

My problem is that I’ve been too focused on the “taking” part, and not as much as I should be on the “organizing” part. Last fall, I did a massive photo library clean-out and felt overwhelmed at the sheer number of pictures that were in my phone. Since then, the thought of combing through my camera roll filled me with the same kind dread as the thought of cleaning a dusty attic filled with years and years of artifacts.

It did until recently, at least. A few weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles visiting a friend and realized that I had over 33,000 photographs in my photo library. Holy fucking shit. Even with my new upgrade to the iCloud “family” plan, it became clear that I had to do something about all these pictures. It was getting to the point where I had to sift for over a minute to find what I wanted.

Something had to change.

And, just like that, this month’s One Month Project announced itself. For the month of March, I will be organizing all of my pictures into separate folders by color. I’ll be doing this both on my phone and on Google Drive, because a second source of backup can never hurt! The photos will be sorted by color because I have a really great visual memory. It’ll be a big help when it comes to planning my Instagram feed, too, since that is designed by color. [1]

A non-negotiable hour a day keeps the procrastination away

Way back in December, I realized the power of having just one non-negotiable hour a day to work on my project. I was really on top of things in January and February so I didn’t have to explicitly implement this rule, but I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks (hello, Monterey, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Charleston! I do get on too many planes) and taking even more photos. It’ll be all to easy to focus on getting pictures, ignoring how much everything is continuing to pile up, so I’m explicitly declaring that I will be blocking out an hour a day, every day in March, to focus on organizing pictures only.

I don’t care how busy I am; this is going to get done no matter what! The hour will be chosen on a day-by-day basis, since I know for a fact that my sleep schedule gets a little messed up while going from place to place.

It’s going to feel so good

Despite all this Marie Kondo hype going around these days, I’m not a minimalist. To be honest, I don’t know if I really want to be — looking at my large collections of dresses and books is what “sparks joy” for me. I’m really, really looking forward to deleting all those extraneous photos once and for all, though!

I may have felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of pictures to go through before, but now that I’ve officially declared this to be my March 2019 one month project, I’m actually pretty eager to dive in. I can already see all those nice albums of photos, perfectly ordered by color. Yes, please! ♚


[1] Yeah, I’m one of those feed-planning dorks (I use this tool for my own feed!). Since most of my friends are content creators, I actually didn’t know that you were “supposed” to post pictures right after you took them. I love creating things with a cohesive effect, so sometimes I’ll hold onto a photo for ages before releasing it. A prime example is the featured photo for this post. It was taken at brunch in the summer almost two years ago!

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