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A note on the philosophies and lifestyle I advocate on this blog

This site is not for everybody.

I value individualism, public accountability, self-reliance, and Stoicism. I believe that every person is in control of their own fates, that self-worth should not be dependent on others’ validation, and that setbacks and hardships are blessings in disguise that can be turned around.

Although I’m a queer, non-cis person of color, I’m also a cis-and-straight-passing, conventionally feminine, thin, neurotypical, able, and financially well-off person. I understand that there are many privileges I had/have access to that shaped my worldview. It’s not my intention to be pretentious, holier-than-thou, or assuming in any way.

“Some advice can be a vice. Feel free to take what you can use, and leave the rest. There are no rules.”

Austin Kleon

There are many ways to live your life; this is how I choose to live mine. I don’t know your specific situation, and the content found on Fake & Basic should not be taken as professional advice. I am not a counselor, product critic, stylist, behavioral psychology expert, or life coach. I’m literally a kid on the Internet who writes about her opinions. The tools and methods I endorse on Fake & Basic are simply things that have worked for me that I think may also work for you.

I’m twenty-one years old and still growing and learning, albeit in a very public manner. I believe that some of my views will change with time and experience, and when they do, I’ll write about them. I reserve the right to edit content as I see fit and change the focus, management style, or content of my blog any time I want to.

I welcome your criticism here — but know that I’m not trying to please everyone. If you don’t like what I say, you’re welcome to visit literally any other blog on the Web or click that X button 😉

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