Marty Noel Chenyao

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A person in a teal dress at sunset, holding a mirror in front of their face
Into Pure Light
A person in a yellow dress and blue face mask stands in front of a building with four white pillars that is illuminated by a single hanging light
Nothing Like Them
Silhouette of a man standing in front of the ocean, surrounded by many palm trees
Coming Full Circle
Man in a bright red dress standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on a rainy day
Decadent and Disillusioned
Man in a white dress lies face-down in front of the Sieve of Eratosthenes sculpture at Stanford University
Worthless Unless Productive
Man in a white dress sitting in front of a mural of a bubble bursting, with his head in his hands
The End of Certainty
Man in a blue dress standing under an "It's a Boy" sign holding a board that reads "Marty Noel Chenyao" against a black wall
Introducing Marty Noel Chenyao
Man in a white dress holding a silver "23" balloon in front of a light blue wall
Countdown to Twenty-Three
Man with curly brown hair in a black dress with a rainbow hem
Why I Started Wearing Heels
Man in a purple polka-dotted dress holds a Tinky Winky doll in front of a bright pink wall
In High Praise of Tinky Winky
Man in a blue dress with a bow on the back walks into the men's room
“He/Him, Please”
Man in a bright red dress next to a mural that reads "Love is the only language I speak fluently"
The Lover’s Dilemma
Man in a blue floral dress lying on a balustrade at night
All the Rage
Man in black dress with a white line drawing of breasts on it poses in front of a pink wall
I Fucking Hate My Titties
Man with long golden hair in a white dress hanging off a fence by the ocean
If I Were A (Cis) Boy