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An Interview with Julia, Anthropologie Structured Wovens Buying Intern

An Interview with Julia, Anthropologie Structured Wovens Buying Intern

Anthropologie Structured Wovens Buying Intern | An Interview with Julia Girman | Fake & Basic

When you walk into a store and want to have literally everything in it, it’s the buyers you should be thanking.

Julia was the Structured Wovens Buying Intern for Anthropologie this summer. Buyers determine what products a store should sell. We talked about inspiring things that happened at work, Intern Day, and memorable coffee chats.

Can you describe your internship position and some of the day-to-day tasks that you perform on the job?

  • Position: Anthropologie Structured Wovens Buying Intern (structured wovens = pants, jackets, outerwear, shorts)
  • Day-to-day tasks:
    • Communicating with market vendors to receive samples
    • Turning over TOP (top of production) samples to the studio to shoot for the web
    • Submitting information about each style to the copy team for the web (specs, material content, washing instructions, etc)
    • Preparing samples for various meetings (on order meetings, hindsight meetings, etc)
    • Receiving and shipping packages

What was your favorite item that your team decided to buy during your internship?

The Pilcro Embroidered Camo Jacket was my favorite item that we decided to buy. Not only do I love the style itself, but it’s also my favorite because of the behind the scenes work I saw going into this jacket. While conducting an On Order meeting with Hillary Supers, the President of Apparel, Accessories, Beauty & BHLDN for Anthropologie, she sparked the idea of more camo in our assortment. Shortly after, at a meeting regarding Own Brand orders, this pre-existing, successful camo jacket was being presented with a patch of embroidery hanging over it. Everyone raved over the embroidery, and just like that it was a finished design. Seeing one given direction, and the quick action steps following to create this beautiful jacket was inspiring.

What was  your favorite part about working at the Home Office?

The people & the environment they cultivate. Each individual is so unique, and when put together at Home Office, come together to establish the most creative workplace I’ve ever seen.

Would you intern at Anthropologie again if you could, or would you switch to another one of the brands? Why so?

Anthropologie is home. If I were lucky enough to intern with Anthro again I would do it in a heartbeat. Everyone I encountered inspires and motivates me, and I relate to the charming character of the brand.

Is there anything from any of the URBN brands that you’ve been into recently?

Now that I’m working in my original Anthropologie store again I’m surrounded by all of our merchandise. I found myself always gravitating towards this Velvet Jumper Skirt – to the point where I had to purchase it. This piece is going to be very versatile moving into the holiday season. Whether I’m working an 8-hour shift or attending my mom’s holiday party, I’ll be comfortable yet trendy the whole time.

How would you describe your personal style/aesthetic?

My style consists of mixing casual and elevated pieces together to create an easy, cool look. Femme & bohemian aesthetics are what I gravitate towards. I enjoy combining those trends by pairing delicate, timeless apparel and accessories with layers and unique fabrics and patterns.

What are some of your favorite spots in Philly?

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden and the Schuylkill River Trail are definitely two of my most frequently visited spots. The Magic Garden is a work of art that will always fascinate and intrigue me, and being located on South Street makes it that much better. The Schuylkill River Trail is where I spent a lot of my free time during my internship this summer. Running and biking along the Schuylkill River during sundown after work is quite the experience.

Did you attend Interview Day? If so, what was your experience like?

Yes, I attended! Meeting the other applicants was a large part of my day. We spent time before our interviews learning about each other’s backgrounds and interests which was very interesting. Being able to speak with current buyers about my application, including projected trends for Fall 17, was phenomenal. Touring the Home Office campus after my tour was like a dream. I couldn’t believe I was given the chance to work for this extraordinary company.

What is your favorite memory from your summer with URBN?

My favorite memory was a coffee chat with all Anthro interns & Hillary Super, who I mentioned earlier. Hearing about her journey in the fashion industry, and the advice she had as a successful, influential woman has motivated me to become a better version of myself. Hard work, drive, integrity, wanderlust and curiosity are all words that resonated with me throughout the chat. Her insight into who “she” is (the Anthro customer), sparked a fire within me to observe what I took away from this chat as I’m back as an associate in my store. To think critically, to connect the dots and understand the spirit of who “she” is will help to interpret the old Anthro into who we are becoming today.

Do you have any advice for someone who would want to be an intern here?

Never limit yourself and your abilities. I come from a University that does not offer a path in fashion, yet I was still able to gain experience in my Anthro store and network within the company in a way that gave me the knowledge I needed to be successful. Be a good person, help others, and stay focused on the prize. ♚

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  • Julia is beautiful, sophisticated, smart, warm and energetic. It is easy to see she will be a success in whatever she does. Her sense of fashion is remarkable. She seems to be a perfect Urban fit.

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