Hey! I’m Marty (he/him), a 23-year-old writer and conceptual photographer.

I am a fox, at least three different rabbits, five million transgender ants in human drag, and occasionally other animals. I am not, however, a woman.
I’m a technical writer at Google by day and an essayist/short story writer at Fake and Basic by night. When I’m not obsessing over sentence structure and imagery, I’m taking conceptual photos with my iPhone because I refuse to get a ‘real’ camera (whatever that means), pretending to cry to Lana del Rey, actually crying about the fact that the human race can’t effectively optimize to the point where we can all just chill the fuck out and let robots do work, ranting about the government, or running around somewhere warm in a dress.⁣⁣

You can find me on Instagram performing femininity for the aesthetic.