fiction, satire

A serialized novel about ambition, fame, and influence in the age of the Internet.

Helena Holloway has an acceptance letter from Stanford University and loving parents who fund her every whim, but those things don’t matter to her if millions of people don’t know her name. When a new social media platform starts to become popular, she takes the opportunity to build an illusion, beginning with fake followers and eventually scamming her way into a book deal. But is she in over her head? Will she be able to keep up with all of her lies and deliver on the promises she’s made?⁣⁣⁣

Dressing the Part


One year ago, I came out as a man and began socially transitioning without changing my body or appearance. My life essentially became one big thought experiment: how many times would I get misgendered in a day? Should I hold those closest to me to higher standards regarding my name and pronouns? What if I missed going by my so-called deadname? How would my cis male partner feel about being in a gay relationship?

I have answers now. They may surprise you.

Spilling the Gender Identi-tea


The journey that led to coming out as transgender.