A memoir by an American Instagram personality about fame, snark, long-form Instagram captions, broken promises, best-friend tell-alls, missing college plates, and a teapot full of pee.

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Rabbit girl in a polka dot dress poses in front of dead end sign


With Love From the Confession Booth

A rabbit girl in a pink puff-sleeved dress runs away from a mansion on a green hill

Chapter One

A Memoir Named Desire

A rabbit girl in a red one-shoulder dress stands by a red Smart car.

Chapter Two

Scheming Makes You Hotter

A rabbit girl in a blue puff-sleeved dress stands in front of a convex roadside mirror.

Chapter Three

Bait and Set

A rabbit girl in a pink and white floral dress standing in front of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco's Alamo Square

Chapter Four

The Dream Manufacturer

A couple stands in front of palm fronds, a blue verified checkmark between them.

Chapter Five

Tableaux Vivant

Rabbit girl in a white dress standing in the middle of a lavender field on a sunny day

Chapter Six

Heaven Spelled Backwards

Rabbit girl in a blue dress and white heels holding a Harvard plate in the dark

Chapter Seven

Life of the Party

Rabbit girl in a red maxi dress stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco at sunset

Chapter Eight

Kiss Me Under the Golden Gate

Rabbit girl in a blue rose dress standing next to an ice machine

Chapter Nine

Icily, Almost Innocently

Rabbit girl standing in front of a Susannah and the Elders painting at the Ringling

Chapter Ten

Impure Heroine

Rabbit girl standing behind a bunch of yellow marigolds

Chapter Eleven

Signed, Scammed, Delivered — I’m Yours

Rabbit girl in white dress sitting on the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chapter Twelve

Funnel of Winners

Rabbit girl standing on the Los Angeles beach at sunset

Chapter Thirteen

La La Sand